Sterilizer and dryer Cleo


Cleo is a compact and functional sterilizer that is designed to eliminate bacteria and harmful organisms that grow on baby bottles. It has a compact design and is carefully designed for the needs of mother and baby. Because everything we do is with love for you!

Suitablefrom birth
19x24x33 cmN.W. 1.28 kg
20x25.5x28.5 cmG.W. 1.40 kg1 pcs/color box

Technical description

  • Made of high quality materials and carefully designed for mother needs
  • Three modes: Sterilization and Drying, Sterilization and Semi-drying, and Sterilization
  • Compact, portable and practical
  • Transparent window cover, which allows supervision of the process
  • Large capacity for 6 different sizes of bottles and other children dishware
  • BPA free


  • Sterilizer:19x24x33 cm / N.W. 1.28 kg
  • Color box:20x25.5x28.5 cm / G.W. 1.4 kg / 1 pcs/color box

Product manual