Today in our focus is one interesting topic that is quite unknown to most of us. ISOFIX is an internationally standardized system for mounting a car seat. It automatically locks your car seat on two metal brackets (ISOFIX anchorages) between the car seat. The name ISOFIX is derived from ISO (International Standard Organization) and FIX (Fasten). With ISOFIX, the risk of improperly installing a car seat is lower than using your car’s seat belt. Therefore, the cars after 2006 are produced with metal brackets, to which the ISOFIX system for the seats is attached. Once the ISOFIX car seat hooks are attached to the rings between the backrest and the car seat, a very strong connection is created between the car chassis and the car seat.


  1. The ISOFIX hooks are removed from the car seat by means of special sliders on the side.
  2. The car seat is put in place and pressed against the backrest.
  3. The hooks of the chair are attached to the rings.


Why choose an ISOFIX car seat?

  • Minimal risk of incorrect installation, as the indicators show the correct installation.
  • Permanent connection between our car seat and the car, in case of a sudden brake, less force will affect your little one.
  • quick installation and easy removal.


KikkaBoo chairs with ISOFIX system:

  1. Odyssey I-Size
  2. Twister
  3. 4 Strong
  4. 4 and 1
  5. 4 Fix
  6. Travel
  7. Tilt
  8. Armadillo
  9. Groovy
  10. Amaro
  11. Ttrek
  12. Felix
  13. Round
  14. Bronn
  15. 4 Safe with ISOFIX
  16. Stark (outside Bg.)
  17. Cruz
  18. Multistage