Electrical bedside crib Sway Me is the winner in the category “Best sleeping cot” at the Mother & Baby Awards 2022!


The prestigious competition was held for the first time in Bulgaria. It is recognized abroad and for many years has been awarding the quality and innovation of the best products and services for mother and baby.







The crib is the place where the baby grows up and enjoys a good sleep. That’s why Sway Me has everything you need down to the smallest detail. It meets the requirements and expectations of parents and provides the best for the children.


It is not a coincidence that Sway Me won the “Best sleeping cot” award.  It is stable, with functional and stylish design. The crib is outstanding by its swing function. It has an innovative motion detector, music panel and anti-reflux positioning. The “fixation to the parent’s bed” function allows parents to sleep next to their child and at the same time not to disturb the feeling of independence.


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