Freestyle scootering is a relatively young sport for Bulgaria, and the tricks that are performed in it are similar to those of skateboarding and riding BMX in freestyle.


The places for practicing freestyle scootering are parks and playgrounds. Most often scooter riding is done in skate parks. Due to its construction, it can be used in most equipment, including rails, boxes and even vertical ramps. Some of the more experienced riders also do air tricks such as somersaults, rotations of 180, 360 and even 720 degrees, as well as rotations of the scooter itself around the axis of its handlebars, and of the handlebars itself.


In settlements where no special parks have been built, scooter enthusiasts use structures such as ladders, rails, stair railings and more to perform various tricks. Freestyle scooters are equipped with a wider handlebar and smaller (and therefore more maneuverable) wheels. They are also lighter and easier to control than the classic ones: because they are designed for tricks, the handlebars, for example, can rotate 360 ​​°.


KikkaBoo offers several scooters that are suitable for those who want to try freestyle scootering:
1. Scout
2. Syrius
3. Shifter
4. Hylos
5. Gord


They always have a light steel or aluminum construction, are suitable for over 8 years, can withstand up to 100 kg., Anti-slip base, brake and rotating 360 degree handle. Our scooters are suitable for stunts and are suitable for both children and their parents.


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