Carrycot mattress Velvetcot wedge pillow


With cotton velvet mattresses, children will be wrapped in melting softness and will enjoy a good night’s sleep. They are hypoallergenic, created from high quality materials and with the thought of maximum comfort, because everything we do is with love and care.

Suitablefrom birth
75x30x5 cm / 80x35x5 cm10x35x40 cm / 10x40x45 cmG.W. 0.5 kg / G.W. 0.6 kg1 pcs/PVC bag
75x30x5 cm / 80x35x5 cm52x62x82 cm / 52x72x92 cmG.W. 12 kg / G.W. 14 kg20 pcs/ctn

Technical description

  • Soft and hypoallergenic baby carrycot mattress with detachable cot wedge pillow
  • Crafted from premium cotton velvet
  • Dense and soft foam filling perfectly adapts to the baby body shape
  • Removable mattress and pillow covers with zipper for easy washing and maintenance
  • Carefully selected materials for restful sleep and maximum comfort in the carrycot
  • Luxury embroidered detail
  • Cover: 75% cotton 25% polyester
  • Filling: 100% polyurethane foam
  • Dust-resistant PVC bag suitable for carrying and storing at home
  • Comes in two sizes: 80x35x5 cm and 74x30x5 cm


  • Mattress 75x30x5 cm:75x30x5 cm / N.W. 0.35 kg
  • PVC bag 75x30x5 cm:10x35x40 cm / G.W. 0.5 kg / 1 pcs/PVC bag
  • Master box 75x30x5 cm:52x62x82 cm / G.W. 12 kg / 20 pcs/ctn
  • Mattress 80x35x5 cm:80x35x5 cm / N.W. 0.45 kg
  • PVC bag 80x35x5 cm:10x40x45 cm / G.W. 0.6 kg / 1 pcs/PVC bag
  • Master box 80x35x5 cm:52x72x92 cm / G.W. 14 kg / 20 pcs/ctn