Mom & Meportable cot


Mom & Me is a comfortable, practical and modern baby cot. It is made of high quality materials and has a rocking function that calms the child and helps him to sleep deeply and fully.

Suitablefrom birth
89x53.5x72.5 cmN.W. 8.24 kg
53x23x47.5 cmG.W. 9 kg1 pcs/ctn

Technical description

  • Suitable from birth up to 6 months, with weight up to 9kg
  • Bed-side crib that allows parents to sleep close to their child
  • Deluxe and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Easy setup design
  • Space saving folding
  • Swing option
  • 3 cm soft mattress pad
  • Mesh parts for better ventilation
  • Anti-slip legs
  • Mosquito net
  • Carrying bag


  • Baby cot:89x53.5x72.5 cm / N.W. 8.24 kg
  • Box:53x23x47.5 cm / G.W. 9 kg / 1 pcs/ctn

Product manual