Milk powder dispenser3-layer


KikkaBoo’s 3-layer milk powder dispenser is an extremely convenient and practical accessory. It is suitable for storage and maximally preserve the nutritional value of milk. It’s functional design allows the exact determination of the amount of food for the child and is ideal for walking and traveling.

Suitablefrom birth
7.8x8.5x25 cm N.W. 0.13 kg
G.W. 0.15 kg

Technical description

  • 3-layer milk powder dispenser with independent storage spaces
  • Made of safe and high quality materials
  • Funnel-shaped mouth suitable for different bottle necks
  • Spiral twist design for tightly interlocking
  • Portable handle for easy carrying
  • BPA free


  • Product: 7.8x8.5x25 cm / N.W. 0.13 kg
  • Hanging card: G.W. 0.15 kg

Product manual