Milk powder dispenser 130gwith scoop


KikkaBoo’s milk powder dispenser with scoop is extremely convenient and practical. It is suitable for storage and maximally preserve the nutritional value of milk. It allow the exact determination of the amount of food for the child and is ideal for walking and traveling.

Suitablefrom birth
14x8.4x8 cmN.W. 0.13 kg
14x8.5x7.9 cmG.W. 0.15 kg1 pcs/color box

Technical description

  • Milk powder dispenser with scoop
  • Allows you easily to measure the needed dose
  • Easily opened and closed lid
  • Guarantees maximum nutritional preservation of the powder milk inside
  • Easily carried
  • For 130g powder milk
  • Approximately 25 doses
  • BPA free


  • Milk powder dispenser:14x8.4x8 cm / N.W. 0.13 kg
  • Color box:14x8.5x7.9 cm / G.W. 0.15 kg / 1 pcs/color box

Product manual