Jungle Kingmama pillow


With mama pillow Jungle King, comfort is guaranteed. This multifunctional product provides comfort for the mother during pregnancy and is a support for breastfeeding after birth. It is made of high quality materials and with stylish design to help the modern mother.

Suitablefrom birth
18x46x66 cmN.W. 1.73 kg
82x45x70 cmG.W. 7.52 kg4 pcs/ctn

Technical description

  • Multifunctional product - provides support for the mother during pregnancy; could be used for nursing and supporting the baby after birth
  • Crafted from 100% premium ranforce cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Removable case with zipper
  • Straps at the bottom help to keep the desired position
  • Length: 150 cm


  • Mama pillow:19x48x63 cm / N.W. 1.7 kg
  • PVC bag:18x46x61 cm / G.W. 1.73 kg
  • Master box:82x45x70 cm / G.W. 7.52 kg / 4 pcs/ctn