Feeding bottle 310mlPP Savanna


Feeding bottles Savanna are created with love and care to the little ones. They are made of of high quality and safe materials. The bottles have an ergonomic shape and an anti-colic nipple, which has been proven to reduce the risk of colic and improve the baby’s digestion.

Suitablefrom 6m+
7.3x7.3x17.6 cmN.W. 0.08 kg
9.4x6.7x23 cmG.W. 0.12 kg

Technical description

  • Wide-neck baby feeding bottle
  • Soft silicone anti-colic nipple - size „L“, type „O“
  • Suitable for children 6+ months
  • Capacity 310ml
  • Made of high quality materials – polypropylene and silicone
  • BPA free


  • Bottle:7.3x7.3x17.6 cm / N.W. 0.08 kg
  • Hanging card: 9.4x6.7x23 cm / G.W. 0.12 kg

Product manual