Anti-colic feeding bottle 260mlPP - polypropylene


KikkaBoo feeding bottles are made of high quality and safe materials. They have an asymmetrical anti-colic nipple, which does not allow air to be sucked from the bottle during meals, thus minimizing the probability of colic. They are created with love and care for the baby, so that every meal can be a pleasure!

Suitableover 6 months
6.8x8.3x12.9 cm N.W. 0.11 kg
6.5x13.5x24 cmG.W. 0.12 kg1 pcs/hanging card

Technical description

  • Suitable over 6 months
  • Wide-neck PP feeding bottle
  • Anti-colic nipple
  • Handles for easy grip
  • Can be sterilized by boiling or in a sterilizer
  • 260ml
  • BPA free
  • Nipple: Size „L“; type “O”


  • Bottle:6.8x8.3x12.9 cm/ N.W. 0.11 kg
  • Hanging card:6.5x13.5x24 cm / G.W. 0.12 kg / 1 pcs/hanging card

Product manual