In short, the benefit of sleeping next to the baby can be said that if babies had a choice, most would prefer to sleep close to their parents. Babies feel in the dark mainly through touch, body connection and smell, for this reason they need to cuddle in the mother’s arms mostly at night when they cannot see.


Kikka Boo’s multifunctional newborn crib provides peace of mind for the parent and child without losing touch with each other for the first six months. Positioned next to your bed, it helps with night feeding (it has been proven that the mother produces more prolactin near her child), relieves colic (has an anti-reflux position). The cot is easy to carry (bag included), with a light aluminum frame and its height can be adjusted in 7 positions. With the help of 4 wheels it moves easily, and the anti-slip base ensures safety. We also thought about the hot nights – a mosquito net is provided. The breathable mattress takes care of the baby’s comfort, and the mesh parts on both sides take care of the better ventilation.


The Nanna cot is an extremely convenient compromise between the baby sleeping in your bed or on his own.


Our leading motto is: “For the baby with love”