Multifunctional warmer Handy 4 in 1 is the winner in “Best sterilization product” category at the Mother&Baby Awards 2022!


The prestigious competition was held for the first time in Bulgaria. It is recognized abroad and for many years has been awarding the quality and innovation of the best products and services for mother and baby.







Deservedly, Handy 4 в 1 was rated very highly. It is extremely innovative, compact and with a practical design. It safes time and storage space. The device is made of high quality material and meets all safety requirements and standards.


Handy is designed for the needs of mother and baby, providing everything they need in just one product. There are four modes of operation – Milk warming (35 to 50ᵒC), Thawing/Fast heating (32 to 42ᵒC), Food heating (60 to 80ᵒC) and Sterilization (100ᵒC). It has a touch screen display, delayed start function and night light option.


See the full product features here.