The Lerr balance bikes come with a metal frame, comfy seat and inflatable tires for an enjoyable ride along. A quick trip around the rooms or a fun stroll outside - the Lerr balance bike is ready for the challenge!


Colors and patterns

Full Description

• Suitable for children from 3 years up to 6 years (max. weight 25kg.);
• Develop the sense of balance and makes the transition to a standard bicycle easier;
• Stimulates the physical development of the child since very early age;
• 12’’ inflatable tires with strengthened plastic rims;
• Plastic footrest;
• Strong metal frame;
• Adjustable height levels of the handle bar;
• Adjustable height levels of the seat;
• Soft seat pad;
• Soft rubber handle grips;
• Playful design;
• Bike stand;
• Bell ring;