KikkaBoo - because we care!

KikkaBoo is a young and fast-growing baby brand, offering functional products that interpret the latest fashion trends. The company headquarters are in Bulgaria with a branch in Spain and distributors all over the world. 

The name KikkaBoo comes from the name of the popular game "peek-a-boo", a favorite pastime of many generations. Our main mission is to provide parents with a wide choice of stylish and quality baby goods at affordable prices. 

The design of our collection has been developed in cooperation with Western European studios and crafted in-house by our team. We pay attention to every single detail, finding inspiration in different places in order to give "a heart" to each of our products. 



Making STYLISH affordable!


We believe that the DESIGN of all baby goods matters and modern moms and dads deserve to be stylish no matter where. In order to achieve this goal we adopt the advisory services of Western European trend-spotters and baby product designers. Look good and feel good...with the help of KikkaBoo!


STYLE often comes at a price but we have made it our mission to support the parents in the first years of the child growth. We strive to provide our customers with products that follow worldwide trends and quality guidelines at COMPETITIVE PRICES, which correspond to the budget-oriented market. Your happy children are our reward!


Designed in Western Europe - crafted in-house!


  • Latest fashion trends in use - we spot high-fashion trends and transfer them to our products.
  • Designed in Europe - French, English, German, and other design studios are working on our collections.
  • Produced solely in-house - After the designs are ready it's time for our own team of sewers to get busy and craft the ready products we proudly present today.
  • Innovative textile solutions - we apply new textile fabric materials that make our products more functional and comfortable for mommy and baby.





                    The recipe for success:


                              KNOW-HOW + ATTITUDE + DEDICATION = KIKKABOO



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