A baby sling is a piece of cloth that holds the newborn to the parent’s body. Slings have become an extremely popular choice for parents who want to build a close relationship with their babies.


Carrying the baby close to us helps to develop a sense of trust and security between parent and child. The benefits are astounding when performed safely because it soothes babies and aids breastfeeding.
The slings are made of soft fabric and wrap around the chest. They provide comfort and support for the baby and allow the parent to keep their hands free while performing their daily tasks.


The sling of KikkaBoo “Isla” is suitable for children from 3 to 36 months, maintains the correct ergonomic position of the baby. It is made of high quality soft fabric for maximum comfort and has a baby hat and storage case included. The length of the sling is 5.2 m. and helps to evenly distribute the baby’s weight on the parent’s body.